The Thumb

Well, I’m finally doing it. Going under the knife, as the idiom (that I abhor) states. It scares me just to write the aforementioned sentence. Anyway, my left thumb is bone on bone. Pain that defies articulation shoots through my thumb and surrounding fingers any time it pleases. It’s completely arbitrary and mean. It’s been happening for two years and it’s become unbearable.

I’m willing to go through the short-term torture for long-term (God willing) payoff. I’m going to try that Dragon speech thing, the software where you talk into a mic, but as a luddite, I am sure that will be a bugger.

All of this upcoming ordeal is in preparation for my new chapter: my “writing” life. I have written stories for corporations for three decades. Now it’s time to tell mine.

We’ll see.

I’ll keep you posted.

Godspeed, chickadees.

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