New York

The Thesis Looms

Yep. I am slated to turn in my thesis on December 4th to my advisor at Bennington College, the brilliant, Pulitzer short-listed David Gates. How do I feel? (Don’t you just hate self-talk? I do, but I couldn’t resist.) Answer: A-new-word-that-has-not-yet-been-invented for “happy.” I wish I could write more, expound upon all I’ve learned. But […]

My Della Femina Debut

 “From Those Wonderful Folks Who Brought You Pearl Harbor.”  – Tagline suggested by Jerry Della Femina for a prominent Japanese car company. Yes, you read it right. This was what Jerry had suggested in a meeting full of top executives from Japan. Or so the legend goes. This shocking verbiage was also the name of Jerry’s best-selling, […]

My Afternoon with Norman

” Give me the freedom of a tightly defined strategy.” – Norman Berry, Creative Genius and Ad Legend, Ogilvy & Mather. I quote him often. He was my big boss from 1986-89 in New York when I was a copywriter at Ogilvy. I frequently saw him dashing by atwitter, burgeoning with disruptive, brilliant ideas, clad in Omar Sharif collared shirts inspired by […]

Malkovich Mash Up

The year was 1987. I was on a flight to New York’s JFK from Chicago. I don’t remember why I was in Chicago, but I suspect it was for work. It was probably for a focus group for potty training baby diapers, Pull-Ups. I believe I had connected in Chicago to go to Neenah, Wisconsin, […]