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Excerpt From My Memoir

After studying three terms of fiction at Bennington College, it was strange, yet liberating to switch to nonfiction for my thesis, The Beauty of it All. It was a story that insisted on being told. Nevertheless, I have Jill McCorkle to thank for allowing me to spill my guts one day during lunch in my […]

The Thumb

Well, I’m finally doing it. Going under the knife, as the idiom (that I abhor) states. It scares me just to write the aforementioned sentence. Anyway, my left thumb is bone on bone. Pain that defies articulation shoots through my thumb and surrounding fingers any time it pleases. It’s completely arbitrary and mean. It’s been […]

Assistant Graduate Fellow, Bennington Writing Seminars Teaching Fiction

It’s exhilarating to have just written the above headline. My fingers are even excited. I will be teaching High School students at Burr & Burton Academy in Manchester, Vermont, during my upcoming final residency at my beloved Bennington. Of course, I’m nervous. However, at 57, what better time to jump right in, am I right? […]