When I lived in New York City from 1983–89, I pursued what I called my Journey Through the Genres, during which I studied poetry, fiction, acting and, finally, playwriting. I took classes at Playwrights’ Horizons and Ensemble Studio Theater, and began writing for the theater.

When I moved back to Dallas in 1989, I helped found Playwrights’ Project, a group dedicated to new voices in theater in the Southwest. We had a successful seven-year run, during which I wrote five plays and had numerous readings. 

In 1995, my play, Everything, But, was published by Dialogus and given a workshop production at the Tamarind Theater in Hollywood.

Listed below are my plays. If you’d like to read them, just ask.


Raining Men – What happens when two old friends realize they just might have more in common than they think? Hang on. You’ll see. One act, two characters. Read at Theater Three Below, Dallas, Texas.

Kitty & Ed – Two senior citizens, a cat lady and army vet, board a Greyhound Bus. Bible verses and knitting needles arise as they collide. One act, two characters. Read at the Plano Arts Festival, Plano, Texas.

Scrapbook Boyfriends – Ellie McGillicuddy, age-old boozehound and raconteur, spins tales about love, loss and life vis a vis her scrapbook. Two act, five characters. Read at Frank’s Place at the Dallas Theater Center.

Go For the Juggler – Two women who are best friends, a man and clowns come together to create a vortex of anxiety, fears, OCD and past lives. One act, three characters. It ran as a short film on TCI Cablevision, Dallas, Texas.

Everything, But – The fearful cousin of When Harry Met Sally with characters so neurotic Woody Allen looks well-adjusted. Two act, six characters. Read at Suite X Gallery and Theater Three Below in Dallas, Texas, and workshopped at the Tamarind Theater, Hollywood, California.

Sketch Comedy

The Oldest Living Member of the Russell Crowe Fan Club Tells All – One act, one character.
This piece was performed in 2002 at Sit ‘N Spin, an underground comedy show in Los Angeles founded by Joey Soloway, during which actors/writers bear their souls. I co-wrote and directed this piece with Saturday Night Live veteran, Melanie Hutsell, who performed as the character, Pauline, at the HBO Workspace. Actors/writers with whom my pieced shared the stage that night included Sarah Silverman, Scott Buck (Dexter) and Joey Soloway (Transparent and Six Feet Under). Audience members included veterans from SNL, Mad TV and all the main studios in Hollywood.