My Random Jottings

Cast Adrift

The knife has fallen and my left hand is in a cast. I am relegated to typing with one hand. Do not do well with being partially shackled. Have all these thoughts I wish to instantly dash off, but they are stuck in a cluster in my mind. Don’t feel like dealing with new software […]

The Thumb

Well, I’m finally doing it. Going under the knife, as the idiom (that I abhor) states. It scares me just to write the aforementioned sentence. Anyway, my left thumb is bone on bone. Pain that defies articulation shoots through my thumb and surrounding fingers any time it pleases. It’s completely arbitrary and mean. It’s been […]

Medical Advice from Dr. Google in the British Lit Mag, Litro.

This is a story based on what I, and I think many other people, do when feeling unwell. It’s published in the British lit mag, Litro. Here it is.

Deep South Magazine: Josie’s Documented Evidence

This story was originally here on my blog, but after a good, much-needed edit, it became exponentially better and was then accepted for publication in the iconic, warm Deep South Magazine. I could not be more proud. Makes me wanna drink a big ‘ole glass of sweet tea. It’s inspired by real people who I knew from my dad’s hair salon in […]

Our Film: #4 Best Music Documentary in Dallas

Yes, it’s true. Our film, His Name is Bob, was voted by the Dallas Observer as #4 in the Top 10 best music docs in the city. Huge honor. Here is the link to the story. Just a quick back story: I co-produced it with J. Sebastian and Heather Lee. Together, we are 3 Frogs […]

Red Fez Magazine: Corrective Shoes and Colonics

My latest essay, “Corrective Shoes and Colonics,” was published in Red Fez. It’s all true. Yes, I am a sad one. But all of it, this tragic story, utterly tickles me.

Big Shrimp! Sounds like a contradiction.

Jingles. Yes. I have written them. Can’t say I’m proud. It’s just a fact: when you’re an ad copywriter, some corporations call for musical renditions through which they woo their customers. Or think they are wooing them. (Right now, the Milestone Electric “Fix it in a Flash” jingle irritates me so much that I want […]

My Black and White Dad

Recently, my story, “My Black and White Dad”, was published in Flash Fiction Magazine, a literary journal that was originally out of the UK, but I think is now in San Francisco. I don’t know. Or “Idk” as the cool kids text. Read it here.