Stoney Saves Christmas

Retired sled dog who yearns to live out his remaining days with his beloved owner must stop the sale of the dog sled lodge to a greedy developer with the help of two young children and a personal visit to Santa.

Partnering with Sara Lundell Wahl and we’re currently submitting our script to producers and festivals.

Everything But Love

“Everything But Love,” a romantic comedy written with Joseph Dial, was an Official Selection of the
2014 Beverly Hills Film Festival.


 “Everything But Love” also made the Semi-Finals in the 2014 Screenplay Festival
(Comedy category) in Los Angeles.


And…it was a Quarter-Finalist in the Comedy category in the 2015 Screencraft
screenwriting competition in Los Angeles.


His Name Is Bob

Bob is a 54-year-old man who has spent his life defying the odds. This is his story. He has been betrayed, abandoned, beaten and abused. Through all of this darkness, Bob’s light continues to shine. Come join us on a spiritual journey. In 2010, the film was screened in nine festivals from California to New Jersey, and in 2011, it aired on The Documentary Channel. Stream it now on Amazon Prime, Google Play, Tubi TV, and YouTube Movie Rentals.

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