Hair Brush with Fame

My dad did hair. Ladies came to him to get their hair “done.” My dad’s salon was called Preston Hairdressers and it was in the Park Cities, the Beverly Hills of Dallas. The heyday of this magical place was during the 1960s-70s, when big hair was big business in Texas. The customers included some of Dallas’ most famous: the former mayor, Annette Strauss. The real estate icon, Ebby Halliday. Dallas Morning News editor, Lee Cullum. And finally, Lulu Roman, the star of “Hee Haw.” It was Lulu who read my fortune when I was 10 and told me I would do “big, important things” in my life. She was married to Woody, a stylist who worked for my dad, or as my dad referred to him and others he employed, “they are one of my operators.”

Nevertheless, for some mystical reason – perhaps it was growing up in this fanciful, glittery milieu – I have found myself popping up time after time in the company of the famous – and in the most bizarre, awkward of ways.

These are my stories.

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