Julie Newmar: Real-Life Super Hero

Over a Labor Day weekend a few years ago, I was visiting some old friends in LA. I decided to treat myself, as well as indulge in a little bittersweet remembrance of times past when I was lucky enough to have a per diem, where I wined and dined on the company dime in the […]


Malkovich Mashup

The year was 1987. I was on a flight to New York’s JFK from Chicago. I don’t remember why I was in Chicago, but I suspect it was for work. It was probably for a focus group for those potty training baby diapers, Pull-Ups. I believe I had connected in Chicago to go to Neenah, […]


Olivia Newton-Johnson

During high school, the church was my second home. I lived, breathed and ate church. I was in the youth group and I also¬†sang in the youth¬†choir called The Variations, a clever name derived from the wide variety of musical numbers we would perform each year, as well as a neat little pun out of […]